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Yippee!  Finally a blogroll addition I can HIGHLY recommend.  I’ve been using this awesome software since the Family Origins days.  I never think twice about whether I want to upgrade it and it is the most economical and top-quality software I’ve found.  Prior to finding this through a local computer genealogy group, I’d spent well over $500 on all the others who promised me more…and never delivered.  Not only great software for keeping track of the kinfolk, but automatically creates a website version, oh yeah!  The mail list is super and kept on-topic, but I’m expecting the same greatness for the blog….way to go Bruce!  If you haven’t bought this software yet, head over to RootsMagic and take the trial.  You will thank me.  If you use it already, head over to the blog


Anniversary time!

82 years ago my grandparents married.  Now aren’t you glad?  LOL….their wedding info is here.  I knew I was old but wowsers this really smack my face right into it, ya know?  Their marriage resulted in two children, my father being one of them.  Hopefully in the near future some of their info and pix will get posted.  Been dealing with isp issues recently and so far they have edged forward.  So here’s to the grandparents’ day.  They were married 39 years when Marjorie passed away in 1965.  Warren died in 1976.

Civil War comes home

Wowsers, it really hit me as I was transcribing these records.  I thought it was bad knowing that Minch had died from battle, leaving a devastated widow and children.  Then when I got through John’s records and realized that John and Lovenia had at least two grown children perish…wow….I just can’t wrap my head around that.  Hopefully, by the retelling of the consequences, we may as people learn from the mistakes of the past….but sadly we just don’t teach history like we should.  Okay, before I go into a rant, I’m going to go play with my other class projects in Painter…hope you gain some info by visiting the Civil War page.

You know I was all set to work on the civil war records, but well, my morning email included these awesome update photos of the Government House, and well, this just had to be done!  Then of course my internet promptly went down (don’t ever get stuck with mediacom) so I’ve been waiting a few hours to share….arrggghhh.  I’ve always wanted to get a trip back to Pensacola, but this really pulls at the strings to my heart….I can’t wait to go now;O)  Go here to see the updated photos, just scroll to the bottom as I’m trying to keep a timeline going.


My goal today was to upload the information from the military records from Minch L. Gray and John J. Gray from the Civil War that I just received.  So once my isp finally decided to grace me with online service today, I checked the email first, and there was all the fodder needed for turning my head from my goal. First I got an email back from the current owner of the Government House, filling in more info.  Then I met a new Gray 3rd cousin, reconnected with a cousin in my daughter’s family, got a huge novel-length obit from the Whisler side, and then set about transcribing the documents.  I’m still not finished, which is why they aren’t here, but do I have a fabulous gonga for all researchers (or nosey-types).  This database of Old Bailey’s records have come online and is searchable.  And if you find family there, you can view the original document as well….go play, it’s been occupying my time for more minutes than I care to admit;O)  I do hope to get all the records info up here tomorrow, I really do.

Happy Birthday Annie!

Well, I officially have 12 minutes left of Annie Lee White Gray’s birthday….so I added a page with a couple of her photos.  She’s more widely known as Grandma Gray even though she’s my great-grandmother and I never did get to meet her as she died a few months after I was born.  Her birth was 10 June 1864 in Cairo, Georgia.

WCG, MSMG and SAG 1952
Oh my, I just had to join the fun after visiting Creative Gene and running across this post. Not to be left out in the cold, I decided to completely dishonor one of my rules so I could post this fun scan my sister sent me a couple years ago. This is Warren Candler Gray and Marjorie Swift McCurdy Gray with moi (the still-living one) in about 1952….are we not the picture of summertime fun?