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Fun times

I’m being held hostage by my ISP/phone/cable company, so I am unable to keep this up until they start playing nice.  Mediacom has thus far avoided BBB, and weekly requests (since November) to fix the problems and now they are worse…no one can call in and internet is very intermittent.  The biggest pain is I’m paying for this….ay yi yi.  Anyway, didn’t want to give the impression that I’d vanished, I’ve actually got lots of stuff to share.  Hope to real soon.


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I have been scanning my father-in-laws photos so the entire family can share them.  I never really thought of it as possibly preserving memories, but this article by Eastman’s post today made me realize I may actually be doing the right thing, of course by accident, but hey!  Thankfully, Amy did that for my father’s stuff after he passed away, so guess I’ll have to continue with the other side after I finish that batch.  After thinking about it a bit further, figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to digitize all those birth certificates, etc., I’ve got hanging around.  Now if I could just find a definitive answer on how to file and retrieve them all….hmmmmm.

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Thomas Edward “Eddie” Belser passed away on the 3rd of August after a lengthy illness.  I’m really sad about it today.  I didn’t get to meet Eddie a couple years ago because I wasn’t able to get to the Gray reunion, and now I won’t ever get that chance….sigh.  Eddie is my second cousin and was 4 months younger than I am.  He is also a great-grandchild of Jim and Annie Gray of Pensacola, but his close relations are in Jacksonville.  I hope to be able to meet his closer kin someday soon….well, not in hurricane season though!

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