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Sorry for the lack of updates, but the computer decided it needed to be reformatted, then again, and I’m just not getting done very quickly.  I should be up and finished with that stuff in a couple more days and hopefully back to updating the blog soon.


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RootsMagic Blog

Yippee!  Finally a blogroll addition I can HIGHLY recommend.  I’ve been using this awesome software since the Family Origins days.  I never think twice about whether I want to upgrade it and it is the most economical and top-quality software I’ve found.  Prior to finding this through a local computer genealogy group, I’d spent well over $500 on all the others who promised me more…and never delivered.  Not only great software for keeping track of the kinfolk, but automatically creates a website version, oh yeah!  The mail list is super and kept on-topic, but I’m expecting the same greatness for the blog….way to go Bruce!  If you haven’t bought this software yet, head over to RootsMagic and take the trial.  You will thank me.  If you use it already, head over to the blog

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